[New Items] Limited sets from U.L.p & Cute Lab

The creators at U.L.p and Cute Lab have been busy this weekend!

From U.L.p, we have Laced Cage. An exquisite, and completely unique design for 1/3 girls. This outfit has been designed with adjustable parts to ensure a fit for SD, SD13, SDGr, and even SD16 girls. It is also super-versatile; you can choose to include or exclude parts of the set to create a whole new look!

Only one set available.
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From Cute Lab, we have an outfit on the other end of the spectrum. Candy is a sweet one-piece in soft hues of blue and pink. Created for Big MSDs, it’s the perfect outfit for your doll if you want to give them a gentle and innocent look.

Two sets available for purchase.
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