[New Items] U.L.p One-Off Set, Reindeer Hoodie, Little Marines Set

Here’s a cute new outfit from U.L.p for a special princess out there. This 10-piece set is made for Rosenlied Holiday’s Child dolls and other similar Mini BBs. It’ll fit Shoushou’s Emily too~
There is only one of this set available. Get it now before it’s gone! :3

Product Page/s: Chuunibyou Set [One-Off]

On the topic of cute outfits, we also have a fuzzy Reindeer Hoodie and a Little Marines Set now available on our store.
The Reindeer Hoodie is available in 1/3, 1/4, and 1/6 sizes, and can be custom-fitted for special sizes too!

LazyCat’s Little Marines Set is available only for 1/6 dolls.

Product Page/s: Reindeer Hoodie | Little Marines Set