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Taobao Shopping Service

Found an item you really want on Taobao, but need help navigating the site? Painted Wing’s Taobao Shopping Service will help you contact the seller and place the order!

Service Charge: 10%, $5 minimum
Conversion rate: 1 CNY = 0.17 USD

 Why choose us?

  • We’re native speakers of English and Mandarin. This allows us to clearly communicate with you and the sellers should you have any questions, or if you need to convey special requests for your orders.
  • As BJD collectors ourselves, we can easily spot issues when we conduct spot checks on the items you have ordered. If there are any problems, we’ll contact the seller immediately to resolve it for you.
  • We will repack all of your items securely into one single parcel before sending it to you and help you save on shipping costs.
  • We believe that communication is key, and will update you at every step of the ordering process.


How does it work?

1. Contact us ( with the following details:

Your name
Shipping address
Contact number
Paypal address

Item’s Taobao URL
Color, Size, etc.

2. We’ll check the item page and calculate the first payment amount. (Item cost + Domestic shipping)

3. An email will be sent to you with the estimate in USD along with our Paypal address.

4. Once payment if made, please inform us and we will proceed to place the order.

5. After receiving the item, we will calculate international shipping and send you another email with the remaining cost. (International shipping + 10% service charge)
Service charge is calculated based on the total paid for the item/s. ([Item cost + Domestic shipping + International shipping] * 1.1)

6. Once final payment is made, please send us a confirmation email.

7. We’ll pack up your order up and send it to you! A tracking number will be provided. All items will be shipped within 1~3 business days after confirmation of payment received.


Item cost: 100 CNY
Domestic shipping: 12 CNY
First payment total: (100 + 12) * 0.17 = $19.04


International shipping: $3.10
Service fee: ($17.92 + $3.10) * 0.1 = $2.21 (Min. $5)
Final payment total: $3.10 + $5 = $8.10


Total paid for item: $27.14


Example 2

Item A cost: 300 CNY
Item B cost: 800 CNY
Domestic shipping: 20 CNY
First payment total: (300 + 800 + 20) * 0.17 = $190.40


International shipping: $8
Service fee: ($190.40 + $8) * 0.1 = $19.84
Final payment total: $8 + $19.84 = $27.84


Total paid for items: $218.24