Will this item fit my doll?

Our creators generally try to design their outfits to fit all sizes, but with the plethora of doll sizes out there, it may not be possible to design a single outfit to fit all body types.

In-stock items will all be size fitted on our doll models upon arrival to ensure the correct sizes are listed. Here is the list of available body types we have at Painted Wings:

1/3 Sizes

  • Volks SD10 Girl
  • Volks SD13 Girl L-bust
  • Crobidoll M-Line Girl Chaste (SD16)
  • Musedoll Boy (SD13)
  • Dream of Doll DOT Boy Old Type (SD13)
  • Dream of Doll DOT Boy Type 2 (SD13)
  • Volks SDGr Boy

1/4 Sizes

  • Luts Kid Delf Boy Type 1 (MSD)
  • Fairyland Minifee Boy Active Line Normal (Slim MSD)
  • Fairyland Minifee Boy Moe Line (Slim MSD)
  • Dancesoul Doll Big BB Girl Type I (Baby Mini)

1/6 Sizes

  • Fairyland Littlefee Boy (yo-SD)
  • Fairyland Littlefee Girl (yo-SD)


If you’re still unsure, please drop us a line at hello@painted-wings.net so we may check directly with the creator for you!

Be sure to include the following in your email:

  1. Link to product’s URL
  2. Your dolls’ size (1/3, 1/4, 1/6)
  3. Your dolls’ measurements