[New Items] One-Off Furisode, Set Outfits, Keep Calm T-Shirts

Newly stocked Keep Calm and Watch Balls T-Shirts
Available in 1/4 and 1/6 sizes, these shirts are perfect for dolls with an attitude. Or a sense of humor.
1/4 shirts will fit Minifees and similar slim MSDs too!

Limited stock available.

Store page/s: Keep Calm & Watch Balls

Harp Poetry Set from Shiratori
Available in 1/3 (SD10, SD13, SDGr) and 1/4 (Big MSD) sizes.

Store page/s: Harp Poetry

Three new outfits from TH now available for order, including a One-Off Furisode set for 1/6 dolls
Temari Furisode – One-Off Set for 1/6 dolls
Frog Prince – Available in 1/4 sizes (MSD, Big MSD, MDD)
Casual Street Wear Set – Available in 1/3 size

Store page/s: Temari Furisode [One-Off] | Frog Prince | Casual Street Wear