[Sale Event] Shoushou Full Doll Sale Event

Event Period: Jul 14, 2018 ~ Sep 30, 2018

Place an order for a full doll* within the event period and be entitled to up to 30% off usual prices!

Simply place an order via the product page below to enjoy the reduced rates.
Layaways are accepted with a payment term of up to 3 months. Visit our ‘Layaway Guide’ page for more information.

Please note that the promotion is applicable for Full Doll orders for Gouhuai, Gouhai, and Er Gou only. Swapping to other head types is not allowed.
Sale prices apply only to orders placed within the event dates.

Order here:

Gouhuai – https://www.painted-wings.net/product/shoushou-1-3-gouhuai-full-doll/
Gouhai – https://www.painted-wings.net/product/shoushou-1-3-gouhai-full-doll/
Er Gou – https://www.painted-wings.net/product/shoushou-1-3-er-gou-full-doll/