Layaway Guide

Please read the information below before proceeding with a layaway for your order.

  • Layaways are available for up to 3 months (Longer terms available; contact us for more information!)
  • All layaway orders will be charged a fee of 5% of your total order amount
  • The order amount will be divided equally into 3 monthly payments
  • The first payment is due upon order
  • Subsequent payments will be deducted automatically from your Paypal account in the subsequent months
  • If your order is ready before the end of the layaway period, we will send you an email update
  • Please contact us if you wish to pay off your layaway earlier and have the items shipped to you sooner
  • Once the first payment is made, your order may not be canceled as it would have entered the processing stage


Marie places an order for $250 worth of items with a shipping cost of $20. The order was placed on April 1st.

Order total
($250 + $20)*1.05 [5% Layaway fee] = $283.50

3 months layaway plan ($283.50/3)

  • April 1st – $94.50
  • May 1st – $94.50
  • June 1st – $94.50

All payments are strictly non-refundable.
Your order may be canceled if your monthly payments are not settled by the pre-determined due dates.

  • If final payment is not made by the due dates, we will send a reminder to you via email
  • The transaction will be considered null and the order canceled if we do not receive a response within 10 days after the email reminder has been sent
  • Any and all payments made for canceled layaway orders will be considered forfeit. You will not receive any refunds for payments already made

Loss of Layaway Privileges
Customers will no longer be able to place future layaway orders if they:

  • Cancel/forfeit an existing layaway order after paying the deposit
  • Are consistently late with their layaway payments
  • Fail to pay for their layaway orders

To apply for layaway, simply select ‘Layaway’ as your payment method during checkout.
We will send you an email with details on your monthly payments with 24 hours.

Items will ship within 3~5 business days upon receipt of final payment.

If you have dolls or made-to-order items on layaway, Painted Wings will place the order with the creators as soon as the first payment is made. This ensures that your order will be shipped as soon as possible upon full payment.

Longer layaway periods may also be approved on a case-by-case basis. Drop us an email ( to discuss if you require more time!